Photo credit Destri Andorf of D&orfs Photography and Sarah Gillum of Made New Photography

Hello there. I'm Gabi.

I'm a natural light photographer specializing in wedding photography!  My goal as a photographer is to capture the fleeting moments that truly portray the heart of every couple that I photograph. My favorite shots are the one's that happen between poses, during the moments when true emotion shines through.  My photo sessions are low key as I keep people relaxed through focusing on each other, with  gentle guidance and fun conversation. 

Under the guidance of highly qualified art teachers and professional photographers, I have learned the skills necessary to provide people with pictures they can be happy about for years to come.  I have won multiple first place and gold keys in photography competitions. One of my photos was even on display in former congressman Leonard Boswell's office for a year. 

How I got started....   Ashton Kutcher. On a Nikon commercial. Honest truth! I was about thirteen and when I saw him on the commercial (I thought he was cute and had a little celebrity crush haha)  I decided I wanted a camera. After hinting to my parents for a year, at Christmas I was given a camera much too nice for a thirteen year old. That gift was the door to a whole new world of passion and joy. 



A little bit about me personally. I'm an Iowan, born and raised. I believe Jesus died as a payment for my sins and my relationship with him helps me to show love to everybody! I have a wonderful mom and dad, and two brothers, who are twins and only 11 months older than me. I went to high school in Bondurant, Iowa, then moved to Kansas to attend  a private university. I moved back to Iowa and married my best friend named Ben! We live in a teensy town between Ankeny and Altoona called Berwick with a crazy cat named Titan and a beautiful 5 year old rescued Rottweiler named Sheba. We love to spend time with our friends, ride bikes,  play video games and watch Friends. I like to draw, read, and cook (though I hate doing the dishes!). I can't wait to get to know you!