Cristian + Emily // Bridal Session

I do believe I have found a new favorite thing to do! This session is a little different from normal. I did Cristian and Emily's wedding in June. However, due to circumstances on the wedding day, we only had time for a few minutes of pictures of the bride and groom. Instead of leaving with only those few pictures, Cristian, Emily, and I made plans for me to visit them at their home in Kansas for a weekend and take pictures of them in their wedding clothes! That session was this past weekend, and I had an incredible time. Not only did I have the chance to take pictures, I also had the honor of spending a few hours hanging out with Cristian and Emily at their home. I was able to witness the sweetness of newlywed life. I had the chance to see how kind and gentle Cristian and Emily act towards each other, how they genuinely care about each other, and even 'fight' over who gets to do the dishes. I was able to see how they choose to serve each other and how sweetly they speak to each other. It made my heart so happy! 

Here are a few of my favorite shots from their bridal session. <3