Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden Wedding // Chris + Brittany

The moment I met Brittany, we just 'clicked' and I knew from then on that their wedding day was going to be so amazing! We had a similar background and she just had the most friendly personality. I felt like we had been friends for years by the time of their wedding day! 

My FAVORITE part of a wedding day isn't necessarily one specific moment that I get to photograph, but the combined beauty of ALL the moments that make a wedding day amazing. The adoring looks between the bride and groom, the girls emotion-filled embraces with the bride, the groomsmen joking around and showing the true friendship they've had for years, catching sight of each momma's tender and teary-eyed glances towards their now-grown kids in love.. these are the things I cherish photographing on a wedding day. Chris and Brittany's wedding day was jam-packed full of these moments! 

Their wedding day was held at the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden in downtown Des Moines. The natural setting of the beautiful plants in the building echoed the natural interactions between Chris and Brittany and their bridal party. Brittany's dress was gorgeous lace, and her cheery attitude kept the day light for everyone who came in contact with her. She was a gracious bride who loved on every person who came close to her! 

The girls day started off in the bridal room getting their hair and makeup on while wearing the cutest rompers that matched the wedding colors, while the guys spent a bit more relaxed time getting ready at the Embassy Suites. After putting her dress on with the help of her amazing momma, Brittany shared sweet moments during a first look with her dad-- his face was beaming with love for her as he couldn't stop smiling. It was one of my favorite parts of their day! 

Chris arrived at the Botanical Garden and as I was walking him to the courtyard where he and Brittany would have their first look, Chris shared that he was giddy with excitement to see her! They had a few minutes to spend together after their first look before bridal party and family photos, and the more the day went on, the more excited I was for the two of them! The amount of love shared with each other and everyone who attended was practically overwhelming, and I loved it! 

Their ceremony was a bit toasty inside the main area of the Botanical Garden, but everybody was so focused on Chris and Brittany that it didn't matter how hot it was. Surrounded closely by their immediate family and with their special friends watching from the balcony, Chris and Brittany committed their lives to one another. The reception was sooooo fun, with so many of their friends getting involved with dancing! Chris and Brittany were so thoughtful of their guests and made it a point to go visit with as many people as they could--it was evident that they cared deeply about every person in the room.  I absolutely loved spending time with them throughout their wedding day, and loved witnessing the joy that radiated from them and all of their guests! 

I LOVE the images from their wedding and I hope you all do as well! <3 

Shoutout to Elizabeth of Story and True Photography for tagging along and working with me!