Iowa State Fairgrounds Wedding // Matt + Kelsey 4.28.18

Saturday was sooooo fun! When I first met Kelsey, I had NO idea what her wedding was going to be like-- but it panned out perfect.  Kelsey and Matt decided to get married at the John Deere Agriculture Building at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. Having gone to the fair quite frequently, I was apprehensive of the venue. All of my experiences at the Ag building were full of vendor booths and crowded with people--I'd never looked at the Fairgrounds (and especially the Agriculture Building) as a wedding venue. But my perspective will be forever changed! 

My amaaaazing second shooter Jayme met up with the guys at the venue for pictures while I went to Kelsey's amazing momma's house. The girls were there to get ready in the comfort of a home. Kelsey's gorgeous lace dress was hanging by the window and I was blown away at how beautiful it was just hanging on a hook. I knew Matt was going to be thrilled when Kelsey walked down the aisle!  With the help of her mom, Kelsey put the dress on and we were ready to get to the venue to take more photos! 

The short ceremony was set up simply and elegantly. Kelsey and Matt stood on the stairs leading up to a massive window and the light streaming in was so soft and beautiful. The reception was on the other end of the building, complete with a chocolate fountain and some delicious BBQ! 

I loved having the chance to get to know Kelsey and Matt this past year, and I love the images we captured! I hope you all do as well <3