Josh + Meredith // 9.17.17

Josh and Meridith's wedding was SO incredible. I knew from the moment that I met Meridith that she was a planner, and that showed in how the details of the wedding day were so thought out. I met Meridith for her first consultation  months ago and was so excited to hear about her and Josh's love story, but that did not prepare me for the emotions of their wedding day. 

When Meridith arrived at the Des Lux Hotel downtown to start getting ready, she was completely composed and full of grace. She went up to a beautiful room on the 5th floor and sat down in front of the mirror to get pampered and prepared for the day. As her hair and makeup was getting done, she was calm and collected. She wrote down her vows and chatted with her bridesmaids, getting more excited as time passed on. Josh and his groomsmen met in the lobby to hang out until the limo arrived to take them to the ceremony. 

As soon as Meridith put on her dress, I was blown away- she was one of the most stunning brides that I have ever seen! We took a couple pictures, then left to get to the ceremony. The girls rode in a limo and arrived at Greenwood Park in style.  Meridith's mother walked her down the aisle between the beautiful blooming roses where Josh saw Meridith  for the first time that day. This part was my favorite-the emotions were so deep and raw, the moments shared were so special. 

The ceremony was beautiful and sweet- it was incredibly evident that Josh and Meridith's love runs deep. Following the ceremony, the bride and groom greeted all of their special guests before the family gathered for pictures. After sending the family to the reception, the bridal party walked around the park for pictures before taking the limo to Simpson Barn for the rest of the day! 

The reception was relaxed as Josh and Meridith spent time with all of their guests. The first dances were incredibly sweet and the food was SO TASTY.  All the guests gathered outside to take pictures of a sparkler send off before hanging out and spending time together for the rest of the evening. Seriously, the day was amazing. 

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day! Enjoy <3