Logan + Aubree // 9.30.2017

This past weekend was one of the most adventurous, relaxing, and perfect weekends I have ever had with my photography business. A couple months ago, Aubree reached out to let me know that her and Logan had decided to switch the location of their wedding from Omaha to COLORADO. Yep, Colorado. When she told me she wanted to pay my way to get there, I was so excited! You see, I've known Aubree for years- she graduated with my brothers and has been one of my favorite go-to's when I want to try something new with my photography. Aubree and Logan have had me take pictures for them multiple times, and every time I feel like magic happens. 

Their wedding was no different. The day started off with all the girls getting ready at a fancy Airbnb in the woods of Colorado Springs- all the girls (plus mom!) jamming out to some tunes in the master bedroom and bathroom, getting dolled up while in their beautiful floral robes. The guys (and Meiko, the guest of honor) were getting ready at a cute little Airbnb a little deeper in Colorado Springs where Aubree and Logan would be staying after the wedding- it was a cute little house with a white fence and some bright green turf. 

As soon as everybody was ready, we met at Garden of the Gods! (Yes, you read that correctly.) Aubree and Logan's intimate wedding ceremony was deep in the park, with the gorgeous red rocks of the Garden behind them, their best friends beside them, and closest family around them. The ceremony was SO sweet and full of all the love between the two of them.

Immediately following the ceremony was picture time- I loved having the chance to see everybody interacting. It was so obvious how much everybody cared for each other. We made it to La Bella Vita for the reception a short while later. Everybody enjoyed the company of Aubree and Logan and joked around with the incredible waiter who served us. He was so good at ensuring that everybody was having a good time. The rest of the day was so relaxed, with cake cutting, heart-warming toasts from the fathers, and some impromptu dancing to wrap things up. It was a blessing for me to have the chance to witness and photograph one of the most important days of Aubree and Logan's life.

Here are my favorite shots from their wedding! Enjoy <3