Romantic Iowa Wedding // Mark + Taylor 6.30.18

My favorite kind of love is the love that is evident in the way a couple looks at each other. Mark and Taylor have this love-- every glance, every touch, every smile, is FULL of adoration and love. Mark and Taylor go out of their own way for each other, and even in how they talk about each other it's obvious how in love they are. This is what made their wedding day so perfect. Romantic doesn't even begin to describe it.  Mark and Taylor's love story is so crazy (in the best way). I met Mark and Taylor last May at Mark's dad's wedding, and I remember taking a picture of them at the reception and thinking about how sweet they seemed, how adorably in love they were. It wasn't until they asked me to be their wedding photographer that I really got to know them, though! I found out that a while before his dad's wedding, they started dating and after just a few months they moved across the country together. During toasts, I was able to hear more about their family and friend's side of the story, and the comment was made multiple times that Mark and Taylor are right for each other. Her dad and brother shared that when she was talking about moving, they asked her why, and she that Mark takes care of her. Seeing them together this past year, I know that was true.