Mike + Emily // Anniversary Session

Emily reached out to me a few weeks ago about doing a session for her and her husband's 10th anniversary session, and was so sweet! I knew the moment they got out of the car the session would be so fun. Not only was she drop-dead GORGEOUS in her floor length black gown, but the chemistry between the two of them was obvious right from the start!  We walked around a natural park and chatted, and it was so fun to see them tease each other and giggle. After claiming to be 'awkward' I was thrown off when they interacted so naturally!  They have the kind of love that I want whenever Ben and I have been married that long. My favorite part of the session was when I mentioned this, and Emily shared their secret. She shared that it's obvious that ups and downs will happen, but what it comes down to is remembering the important things. Important things like the fact that both of them are imperfect, and that if there was an accident and she couldn't take care of herself, she knows he loves her so much that he'd take care of her, and she would do the same for him; that no matter what happens, even after having kids and feeling imperfect and less beautiful he still thinks the world of her.  Remembering that never-ending love makes the small stuff not seem like that big of a deal--because sweating the small stuff is mostly a waste of precious time anyway.  

I loved this session so much! There's something extra sweet about an anniversary session that I can't explain, and these two were just stellar anyway <3