Quinn + Amanda // Engagement Session

Amanda and I have been friends ever since her family started attending my church over 10 years ago. I've always been blown away by her incredibly amazing singing voice, her chipper attitude, quirky humor, and the way she seems to be able to connect a song to anything I say. She's my theme song girl. I went away to college while she was finishing up high school, and we still managed to stay connected--she was 'back home coffee date' friend! I decided I'd drop out (ya know, got married and started a photography business kind of drop out) of college, and Amanda began attending the same university that I went to. I became her coffee date whenever she made the drive back home. I've always been SO excited to hear about Amanda's life as new things started happening, and there was nothing different about that when Quinn entered her life. You see, when my husband and I started dating, Amanda was always a listening ear for me--she may not know this, but her perspectives always helped me see the beauty of a sweet boyfriend/girlfriend relationship based on friendship, and was there with me as I tried to figure out how to balance life with friendships and a dating relationship-- there were times that I was so distracted by Ben that I wasn't a very good and attentive friend to Amanda, but she was always so patient with me and I'm so thankful for her. She came home from college and  told me about this guy named Quinn- about how sweet he was and his amaaaazing singing voice and little tid bits of his story. I could tell she REALLY liked him and it made me so giddy to see the beginnings of that sweet love.  I couldn't wait to see how her love story panned out, that I could be there for her the way she was there for me. As time passes, I can see how absolutely perfect these two are for each other-- their perfect quirky personalities that balance each other out, their love for the Lord and desire to serve with their talents, and their similar interests just.. fit.  

One of my prompts during engagement sessions is to have my couples bump hips, and Quinn started singing a song and it made me think of Amanda growing up... always having a song for everything. It made me think of how God has a plan for our lives, and how, even when Amanda was growing up, He knew that the man Amanda would some day marry would be a 'theme song guy'. That there was a man He had hand-picked to complement her, serve with her, and cherish her. I was able to witness a glimpse into this great plan.  I'm so honored I had the chance to take pictures of their sweet, compassionate, gentle love on Saturday, and can't wait for their wedding. 

Check out my favorites from their engagement session! <3