Seth + Steph // 8.17.19

From the very beginning, Seth and Stephanie’s relationship has never been about them. After witnessing their wedding, it is so evident that their marriage won’t be about them, either.

The day started off at Walnut Creek Church, where the girls were getting their hair and makeup done. The room was full of women who love Steph and were there to celebrate for the day, women who had been there from the very beginning of Stephanie and Seth’s relationship and even before. A coffee run was made, and the girls spent some time dancing and pumping Steph up before it was time for her to get in her gorgeous wedding gown.

Stephanie, her mom, and a couple ladies snuck away to a little room upstairs so she could put on her gorgeous lace dress privately— the bridesmaids gathered around and waited. Seth’s mom walked in for a sweet first look, then Stephanie stepped out of the room for her girls to see! It was as if the dress was made for her— she’s sooooo beautiful anyway, but multiply that by 3,000 and you’ll understand a little about how absolutely ravishing of a bride Stephanie was on Saturday.

Seth and his guys dressed and hung out in the library before Seth left to wait at the park. Stephanie’s dad was at the park waiting, too, and after her first look with her dad, it was time for Seth to see her in her dress for the first time. The anticipation on his face was so sweet, but the second he turned around and his eyes took her in was probably one of my favorite first looks! Her radiant smile took his breath away, and the moments they shared together after that were such a strong testament of the love they share.

After portraits, Seth and Stephanie hid away with their bridal party as all their guests started to arrive and filter into the sanctuary. Their wedding ceremony was special because it wasn’t your typical speedy ‘get through to the kiss so we can be married then go and party with the guests’ sort of thing— their ceremony was centered wholly on their faith and on God’s design for marriage. Their ceremony gave biblical insight for why their relationship is the way that it is. You see, both Seth and Steph’s life has been completely turned upside down by the love that God has for them— that even when they were guilty of breaking God’s commands and deserving of punishment in Hell, God sent His son to pay their penalty, to purchase their place in Heaven with his blood. Seth + Steph’s relationship with Jesus is the focus of their relationship with one another, and they knew that their relationship had a purpose that goes far beyond the two of them. After the unity candle was lit, and rings + vows were exchanged, Seth + Stephanie sealed their marriage with a kiss. From hugging their guests in the receiving line, to time spent with the bridal party…to every detail of the reception from dinner to send off, the rest of their wedding was absolutely beautiful. It was the best possible first day of a marriage centered on reflecting the love God has for us, a marriage that’s not really about the bride and groom in the first place.

I absolutely loved being a part of their wedding day, and I cannot wait to watch their marriage unfold.