Sweet Small Town Missouri Engagement Session // Cyrus + Karlee

It’s only been a couple short weeks since I saw Karlee’s instagram post about their proposal and practically squealed with excitement! I’ve known Cyrus’s incredible family for years now and I could see when I met Karlee a year or so ago how altogether sweet, gentle, and kind she is— they’re so perfect together! When Karlee called me and asked me to be their wedding photographer so soon after their engagement I started tearing up at the honor. We made engagement session plans for me to drive to their cute small town in Missouri on Wednesday— we started taking a few shots around town, then continued their session at the church where he proposed to her (which also happens to be where her parents AND grandparents got married, so sweet!), then went out to her grandparents property to wrap things up. I loved seeing how happy they are together, and I think that’s so evident in these pictures!

Check out my favorites from their session <3