Sweet Traditional Des Moines Wedding // Noah + Beth 8.3.18

I never really know what to write for a blog post, but it's especially challenging when writing a post about friends. I've known Noah and Beth for around 2 years now, and that meant their wedding day was even more special to me.  My relationship with them goes beyond just photographer, but delves into friendship and even better, family through Christ.  Because of how long I've known them, I've had the opportunity to see their love blossom even more than what I get to witness with my 'regular' clients. With other clients.. I meet them, they book, we do the engagement session, and then I only see them one more time before the wedding. I LOVE to build a friendship with my clients, and I do that very thing...  but with Noah and Beth, we've also had the opportunity to serve the Lord alongside each other. I've been honored to see them change and grow and mature, and encourage one another in Christlikeness. Through their relationship, my husband and I have grown and been challenged by their example. Their engagement sessions were awesome (see their coffee shop session here and their spring session here) and made me even more excited for their wedding, but I think what really made the day so special to me was our bond through faith. Beth's brother (who also is one of Noah's closest friends) during the best man speech mentioned the value in a friendship built on eternal things, and I know how true that is. My heart is so thrilled for Noah and Beth, and I'm so thankful I had the chance to witness them get married, and that because of Jesus I get to see their marriage grow and mature for the rest of their lives. 

Noah and Beth's wedding started at Walnut Creek Church's Windsor Heights location. Beth's bridesmaids were comprised of all of her sisters and a couple of her closest friends-- they were so relaxed as they prepared for the day. While waiting for the moment Beth would put her dress on, they all just sat in a circle and talked, the perfect way to calm nerves and enjoy the presence of such special people. The guys spent some time hanging out, doing flips (literally), and praying together before it was time for pictures. 

Sweet, tear-filled, joyful emotions were high as Beth put her dress on.  I couldn't help but get teary-eyed as well. She was so gracious and patient, and SO incredibly beautiful. Beth spent a moment with her mom and each of her sisters before sneaking out of the room for a first look with her dad. When he turned and smiled at her, you could see in his eyes how incredibly proud he was of her and how special of a bond they shared. In line with Noah and Beth's desire not to see each other before the ceremony, bridal party pictures happened separately just after her first look with dad. It was really hot outside, but nobody complained even once. 

After bridal party pictures, one of my favorite moments happened. Noah was blindfolded and sat down on a chair alone in the library, and Beth stole away to come pray with him. They praised God for each other and for their family and friends, and prayed over their ceremony and their marriage. 

Their ceremony wasn't just a ceremony, but an act of worship. Immediately after Beth walked in with her dad (and Noah's SUPER massive smile as he saw his bride), everybody sang songs praising God. Knowing Noah and Beth, this was such a fitting even in their day. A wise message was preached on marriage,  vows and rings were exchanged, their families prayed over them, and their covenant was sealed with a kiss. 

After family photos, the bridal party drove to Walnut Creek Church's downtown location. We spent some time taking pictures of Noah and Beth before capturing the whole bridal party together. The reception was lovely-- Noah and Beth set up the day so that when the guests arrived, they could eat dinner without waiting on the bridal party.. and that meant the party started right away! The bridal party entered, and everybody leaned in to listen as the Maid of Honor and Best Man gave speeches that not only showed a glimpse of their special bond with the couple, but also showed the heart of who Noah and Beth's marriage was centered on. 

Noah and Beth spent time with all of their guests, dancing and having SO much fun. Their reception was one of high energy. People were literally doing flips (I'm not kidding) and having the best time celebrating  Noah and Beth's love. 

I'm SO thankful I had the honor of photographing their love, and love the pictures captured. Here are my favorites!