DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES. GG Photography will provide the client with photographic services including, but not limited to, meeting at the location designated between the client and GG Photography, posing the client, capturing high resolution images of the client, editing the photos of GG Photography’s choosing, and the uploading of edited photos to a downloadable high resolution online gallery.  Services do NOT include storage of photos by GG Photography after GG Photography has provided the client with the high resolution online gallery. Client understands that the online gallery is only available for 10 years after the date the gallery is uploaded.  GG Photography will not be held responsible for any technical problems on the client’s end after the digital gallery has been provided. GG Photography has full permission to delete all images from the shoot after providing the images to the client via digital download, flash drive, or disc. GG Photography does NOT guarantee the number of images presented from any session, as client cooperativeness, weather, and any other factors could contribute to images GG Photography deems unusable. GG Photography will provide the full number of images promised if all factors are in favor, but will NOT be held responsible for fewer images in client’s gallery. GG Photography holds NO responsibility to explain to a client why there are fewer images, if that be the case. Images presented to the client are the only images available. GG Photography will NOT be required to provide any images past the images in the gallery.

PERFORMANCE OF SERVICES. 1) GG Photography agrees to take and edit photographs as per client’s stated request, as discussed with client BEFORE the time of service (photo session), allowing for artistic expression to the extent of GG Photography’s wishes and artistic style. 2) GG Photography agrees to use the highest technical quality available to GG Photography to suit the client’s needs for printing. 3)GG Photography will provide client with a fully downloadable 10 year high resolution online gallery containing the edited photographs from the shoot, as well as a release to print those photographs. GG Photography will offer a disc or flash drive with those images per the client’s request, with a small shipping and processing fee.

PAYMENT. Client agrees to pay GG Photography the agreed session amount, in accordance with GG Photography’s session prices, in consideration for the services rendered by GG Photography. GG Photography’s session prices are subject to change at any point in time. GG Photography accepts cash or card, but will NOT accept checks. In consideration for this payment, GG Photography will provided the services described above. Client agrees to provide the full payment + tax at the time of the shoot, or before. Client understands that GG Photography will not provide those services without payment.

CANCELLATION POLICY. Clients may cancel services by GG Photography at any point in time. Once part or all of GG Photography’s service is provided, the payment to GG Photography is deemed NON-REFUNDABLE. If cancellation is initiated by GG Photography, all payments made to GG Photography for the cancelled shoot will be refunded within 30 days of the cancelled shoot. GG Photography reserves the right to cancel services at any time, for any reason.   

LATE POLICY. GG Photography has a 10 minute late policy. Client understands that GG Photography reserves the right to leave and cancel a session if client is more than 10 minutes late at the partial return of  payments made. Refund amount of 75% of the session price. GG Photography reserves the right to deny rescheduling with any client who does not show up to a session, or shows up more than 10 minutes late. 

PHOTO OWNERSHIP. Any photographs taken by GG Photography remain the exclusive property of GG Photography. GG Photography retains that copyright while providing the client with the rights to print and distribute those photos. GG Photography retains the right to use those photos for promotional purposes, as well as to print and publish those photos wherever and however GG Photography sees fit, including but not limited to social media and web publishing. GG Photography will obtain written permission from client if using the photos for any reason not stated in this agreement.

CLIENT USAGE. Client is obtaining prints for personal use only, and shall not sell said prints or authorize any reproductions thereof by parties other than GG Photography.

INDEMNIFICATION.  Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless GG Photography from all claims, losses, expenses, fees, costs, and judgements that may be asserted against GG Photography that results from the act of its sole owner. GG Photography will not be held responsible for any accidents, injuries, or property damages done during the client’s photo shoot. Client will not hold GG Photography responsible for any losses or damages done with the images after the online gallery is in the client’s ability to access. This limitation of liability shall also apply in the event that photographic materials are damaged in processing, lost through camera or computer malfunction, lost in the mail (if applicable), or otherwise lost or damaged without fault on the part of GG Photography.

WARRANTY. GG Photography will provide its services and meet its obligations under this contract in a timely manner. GG Photography guarantees the clients finished images via digital gallery within 3 weeks of the photo session. GG Photography agrees to keep in contact with the client regarding the progress of post-session services if any circumstance delays client's gallery.

SIGNATURE. Electronic submission of this form is binding between GG Photography and Client as of the date of submittal.  

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